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Metropolitan Baptist Church
Inspired Family Life Bible Conference
June 6, 13, 20, & 27, 2018
6:45 PM

1. Jesus on the Brain (Mental Wellness and Wholeness)
This course will take an in-depth view of Mental Illness in the African American Community. We will also conduct an exploration of biblical and medical approaches to Mental Illness in the African American context, while assuring the participants that the church recognizes the stigma of mental illness in our community and acknowledges the challenges that they face.

Teacher: Min. Korena & Christopher Stewart
Minister Stewart and her husband are members of Metropolitan Baptist Church. She holds an MDIV from Princeton University and a Masters of Science in Nursing. She believes that lifting the taboo associated with Mental Heath in our community requires training and spiritual understanding.

2. Purpose & Power (What is my purpose? Connecting to your Kingdom assignment)
Everyone is on a search for their purpose. Identifying our purpose should not only benefit us personally, it should benefit the Kingdom of God. When we serve and seek God, all other things are added and we begin to operate in our perfect plan. This class will help you on the road to discovering and walking in your divine purpose.

Teacher: Rev. Dr. Nancy Lynne Westfield, PhD.
Rev. Dr. Westfield is a Professor of Religious Education at Drew Theological School & Graduation, where she has served since 1999.

3. The Language of Jesus (Bible Literacy – I have a bible and prayer: how do I use them?)
How do you talk to God?? You have to speak the language. This class will help you learn how to use your bible and to learn and speak the language of God. How do we search the bible to help us with circumstances and problems? How do you pray in order that your prayers are heard by God? We must speak the language of our big brother, Jesus. This class will help you.

Rev. Dr. David Jefferson Sr., Esq. Pastor & First Lady Linda Jefferson
Pastor and First Lady of Metropolitan Baptist Church. Pastor Jefferson has a degree in Law, Finance and Divinity. Sis Linda Jefferson. has a degree in Accounting and an MDiv in Women's Studies from Drew University

4. Corporate Compliance in Christ (How to sustain your faith while working in the frame work of the employer)
You have a job and you need it – how do you handle situations in a Christ like manner when your work environment is tough? How do you deal with people in your work environment who are not saved? This class will help you develop a plan to live your faith in the work place.

Teacher: Deacon J. Michael Hopkins
President, Fixed Income Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc

5. “Real Love” (Tools for living a thriving marriage and not oppressed by image)
Statistics show that Christians have the highest divorce rate, yet as Christians we should have the tools to make that a lie. This class will help you strengthen your marriage and learn how to live 1 Corinthians 13. Many marriages are phony and consumed with generational curses, mental and emotional abuse, and oppression. Leading families out of crisis to Christ – begins with the individual and the marriages of our saints.

Teacher: Rev. Vincent & Rev. Natasha Rouse
As Pastor and First Lady of Pleasant Grove Baptiist Church, the Rouses exemplify marriage partnership. Pastor Rouse is enrolled in Drew University for his MDIV while working at Newark Housing Authority and a present husband and father. His wife, Rev Natasha holds a MDIV from Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta, Georgia and works in the Newark Public School System while maintaining a household as wife and mother.

6. Christ-Like Communication (In a society of technology we have lost the art of meaningful communication – how do we re-connect to touch the lives of people)
Christ was the master communicator. The bible discloses that Jesus not only talked to the disciples, but it reveals that he listened. Many Christians avoid having real conversation and or managing conflict. This class will help you develop the tools for stronger communication skills and help us better understand how we use communication to draw others unto Christ.

Teacher: Rev. & Sis. John Williford
Rev John Williford, Chairman of the Psychology and Education Department at the County College of Morris Country, and his wife are highly sought after for their workshops in Communications and Relationship skills. Rev. Williford is a trained psychotherapist and Director of the Willing Heart Community Care Center which serves the Newark and wider area community.

7. I’m Saved, Now What? (Transitioning from Discipleship to Living for Christ)
This class will help you navigate your way out of discipleship class into the ministry. What should I do once discipleship is over? How do I join a ministry? How do I live a Christian lifestyle beyond class? How do I get support?

Teacher: Deacon & Sister Singleton
The Singletons are key Ministry Leaders in the Discipleship Training arena of Metropolitan Baptist Church. Deaconess Singleton is the Dean of the Ministry and is assisted by her husband who provides Spiritual support for that and other ministries in the church.


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